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Our goal is for this company to be an example to other organizations of how to have a world class organization.  We want to be a company that has real synergy and achieves real results, sets high goals and has the ability and the work ethic to achieve those goals.  I want us to innovate and constantly be improving.  This means that we find new, inventive and exciting ways to add value for our customers.  We want our customers to be raving fans of our products and service.

We desire for our employees to know that they have a way to constantly improve their lives.  That they have a job they can be excited to go to every day.  With this goal in mind, we strive to make sure our employees are constantly being encouraged and rewarded for their efforts and their superior performance.  Because of our efforts our employees love what they do and who they work with, as well as the environment in which they work.  Therefore, they endeavor to make real differences in the company and for our customers. 

We work with our people in leadership to be able to communicate effectively to their teams.  They work with their teams to develop and reach new heights in order to achieve both their personal goals and company initiatives. 

We desire to be profitable and thrive as an organization.  In doing so we are able to grow and positively impact the lives of more and more people.  We strive to impress our customers with the way we handle projects and deal with problems that arise.  I want our customers to know that they truly matter to us and be confident that we will manage their projects with the highest standards.

We implement measurements that hold us accountable and steer us in the right direction.  Allowing us to continue to improve and keep moving on the path of profitability, revenue growth and impact.

We are striving to be a leading organization in our industry.  Private companies know us, people around the community know us.  They are aware that we are a world class organization that is extremely competent and dedicated to doing our job with integrity.  They know we have principles that guide us in our work and lead us to provide excellence in all we do.  We want to give back to this community.  We want to be able to give of our time and resources to making it a better place. 

At TCG we want to create a lasting culture that can sustain through the good and bad times.  We have superior resilience and commitment to do what it takes to succeed.  We don’t shy away from the hard things, in fact, we embrace them.

Kaleo Nawahine Jr.

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